Friday, August 5, 2011

Gospel and Comic Books Part 2: Repentance

So, we move right along to post number 2 in this series! Yay!
You know what's so cool about Wolverine? He's got adamantium covered bones and he can regenerate! How can you beat that? You can't kill him... Even if you dried his feet in cement and threw him in the harbor, once he got to oxygen, he'd be alive. Even if you launched into space, cause once he got back into the atmosphere, he'd be alive. It doesn't matter what you might think of, cause he's got adamantium covered bones, and can regenerate. What a great power to have, right? This is a conversation that comes up quite frequently in my district, and is always resolved the exact same way: He's got adamantium covered bones, and can regenerate. There ya go, end of conversation. Yeah, we're cool like that. Now, wouldn't it be nice if we all had that? What if you knew, no matter what happened to you, you could be healed? Any pain you might experience, any trial you may endure, it won't matter, because in short time, it will be gone. Gunshot to the head? No problem! Getting shanked? Nothin'! Blunt object to the back of the head? Who cares? What comfort this could give us. We'd never have to worry about what may happen, never have to look over our shoulder. We could go through any walk of life with no fears.
But what of emotional problems? If you know Wolverine like I do (we're personal friends... He took us out to lunch last week. I'm working on him, but he's so stubborn, I just can't get him to sincerely read the Book or Mormon!), then you know that he's haunted by his past... most of that comes from not remembering it all, but he's got other demons. He's constantly plagued by incidents that he's been a part of. He just can't let go of those things.
Well, have I got news for you! I've got Wolverine-like powers... and so do you! Through the wonderful gift of the Atonement, we're able to be washed clean of our sins, through repentance! And, because the Lord was resurrected, we, too, will be resurrected, and receive our perfected bodies, free from all pain! Sure, the physical healing will take a little longer than it does for Wolverine, but it will come! And the emotional healing can be instant. Christ suffered in the Garden of the Gethsemane, feeling the physical and emotional pains all of use would suffer. ALL the pains, that ALL of us would suffer. Can you even imagine? Then, He suffered unimaginable pain at the hands of the Roman soldiers, before being crucified. Through this, He knows how to comfort us. He knows what we're going through at any point, and understand perfectly the pains we feel. He suffered them as well. What great comfort that gives. Because of this, and because of the great gift of Repentance, we are able to "regenrate" from our emotional pains, and one day of all physical strifes! So, you're more like Wolverine than you think! (You still don't have the claws, though... sorry). You, too, can regenerate! Just repent!