Friday, March 30, 2012

My Jersey Sponsor (Remix)

So, I posted a very similar blog (the first part is identical, in fact) May 2011, but when I wrote it, I thought of another comparison I could make, so I decided to hold off for a while, rewrite it with the other idea, and republish it. It's not been almost 10 months, so I figured that was long enough. If you'd like to see the original post, you can check it out here.
Soccer is a unique sport, in many ways, but right now I'm going to focus specifically on the jersey. Look at any team in the EPL, and you won't see what you see on, say, an NFL jersey. NFL you see the team name or city/state they're from with the number on the front, then the last name and number on the back. EPL, you'll see a company on the front, with a small shield on the left chest with the team name and logo, then on the back you'll see the name and number. This is also seen in many (though not all, yet) MLS teams. Why is that? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, but there are some pretty cool looking ones out there. Each team is represented by someone different. Several of the teams are so big, and their partnerships have been with them for so long, that they become seemingly synonymous. I mostly think of Chelsea and Samsung, and Arsenal and Fly Emirates (the same used to be said of Liverpool and Carlsberg and Manchester United and AIG, but they've recently changed). Well, usually you'll only see one company in a league, but you do see Rangers and Celtic (huge rivalry) both sponsored by Carling in the Scottish League. But, you'll never see an English team with their town written on their jersey, it'll always be a company. The MLS is slowly working towards that, with a majority sporting some kind of company.
So, we've come to the part of the blog where we find the relevance of what I just wrote about it our every days lives. It's really quite simple, actually: when we were baptized, we covenanted to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ. Once we've done this, we've become a part of a team, but rather than having a company be the displaying name, it's the Savior. We're to live accordingly, and make our actions in line with what Christ expects of us. We're changed, and we are representing something and someone much bigger than ourselves. Just as the company on a soccer jersey comes to almost symbolize the team itself, so should we be closely linked to the Savior. Just like when people think Fulham, they'll think FxPro, people should see us and think of Jesus Christ. We should always be living our lives in a way that would be pleasing to Him, as well as make us an example of the believer. So, wear that name with pride!