Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Jersey Sponsor

Soccer... that's right, I'm doing it again.
Soccer is a unique sport, in many ways, but right now I'm going to focus specifically on the jersey. Look at any team in the EPL, and you won't see what you see on, say, an NFL jersey. NFL you see the team name or city/state they're from with the number on the front, then the last name and number on the back. EPL, you'll see a company on the front, with a small shield on the left chest with the team name and logo, then on the back you'll see the name and number. This is also seen in many (though not all, yet) MLS teams. Why is that? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, but there are some pretty cool looking ones out there. Each team is represented by someone different. Several of the teams are so big, and their partnerships have been with them for so long, that they become seemingly synonymous. I mostly think of Chelsea and Samsung, and Arsenal and Fly Emirates (the same used to be said of Liverpool and Carlsberg and Manchester United and AIG, but they've recently changed). Well, usually you'll only see one company in a league, but you do see Rangers and Celtic (huge rivalry) both sponsored by Carling in the Scottish League. But, you'll never see an English team with their town written on their jersey, it'll always be a company. The MLS is slowly working towards that, with a majority sporting some kind of company.
As a missionary, a very noticeable part of my outfit is my nametag. On my shirt pocket over my left chest, or on the lapel of my jacket, still on the left side, you'll see a small black plaque that reads:



It is such an honor to be wearing that tag, and to be able to look at it, and realize who I am, and who I represent. This tag bears two incredibly important names: my family's, and my Savior's. Those are who I'm here to represent. I am an agent for the Lord, acting in his behalf, and I am a Holbrook, here to do my family's name honor. Those are the names I bear. You won't see me without this tag. You'll always know who I am. I'm proud to be wearing this name. I have been given this honor, and am doing all I can to live up to the title I am given. This isn't just some tag you can go and buy at a store. You can't just get this by applying at the right place. This is more than a nametag: this sets me a part as a disciple of Jesus Christ, a missionary in his service. People recognize me based on this tag. This is my "sponsor". It is a great privilege to wear this, just as those on soccer teams feel it a privilege to wear "Samsung" or "FxPro" or "Chang". I have the best sponsor ever! 

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