Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Captain Planet! He's our Hero!

Do you remember the show Captain Planet? Such a cool show! A bunch of kids with crazy rings fighting the bad guys, and when it gets too much for them to handle... Call in the blue guy! That's right, Captain Planet! He's our hero! He steps in, and with his superpowers (which were always rather ambiguous), he would save the day! Good stuff! And all the kids had their rings, and they represented different things: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart... I'm still not entirely sure where Heart comes into play, or what exactly it means, but it was always the last one mentioned, so it must be important! And, of course, when they put their rings together (well, not really together, more just pointed them in the air in the same direction), the magic energy things would join in, summon Captain Planet, and he'd enter with his famous line: "With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!" Cue '90s inspirational music to set the mood for the heroics! And of course, those weren't just any kids, they were Planeteers! What a cool name! Run around, wear a cool ring, summon a blue superhero, and get a cool name for doing it. All they needed were jackets with their name and logo on it! All their villains in some way represent the problems facing the stability and well being of the environment, and it's their job to not only save the world, but educate people how to take care of it. But, it's through all of their efforts that they can get the job done.
We often run into big problems in our life, and need some help. I'm sure we'd all love to have some superhero show up and save us. Unfortunately, that doesn't really happen. No caped crusader will come and beat the bad guy. We can't just sit back and watch as the situation is cleanly resolved. However, we aren't left alone. Our Heavenly Father has given us a protector, if you will. Someone to comfort us, to guide us, and to help us. This is the Holy Ghost. We are able to summon Him at any time to help us out in a bind, but there are certain things that need to be done, certain "powers" that need to be "combined". We need faith, obviously, as that is the beginning of everything. We also need obedience to the Lord's commandments, and to be worthy of this gift. We need to study the scriptures, and understand what the Holy Ghost is, and how it can help us. We need to pray, to tell our Heavenly Father what we need, and to ask for the Holy Ghost to help us out. With these powers combined, we can have the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to swoop in and help beat the bad guy! Pretty simple things to do to get the great gift of the Holy Ghost! It's incredible how much the Lord is willing to do for us, and for how little He asks in return! 

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