Saturday, October 15, 2011

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You know what I miss? Choose Your Own Adventure books. How great are those? You get, like, 4 different stories in one... if not more! As you read through them, you run into different options to choose from. Do you follow the stranger into the woods, or do you just wait outside of them? Do you accept the knight's challenge, or try to find another way through the maze? There are always different occurences that come up, and you have to take the risk of what might happen. Each decision takes you to a different section of the book. "If you choose to follow the stranger into the forest, go to page 42. If you choose to not follow him, go to page 19." You get the chance to control the outcome of the book, rather than just going along with whatever the author wants. You're in control.
The nice thing about CYOA books is the ability to go back. Say you turn to page 42, and while in the forest you get attacked by a wolf and die. No problem, just turn back to page 9, and instead go to page 19 and choose to not enter the forest. Boom, you get to keep going. Any bad thing can quickly be undone simply by flipping back to the page where you made your choice, and making the other choice. Through this, we are able to avoid unhappy outcomes and can allow us to keep reading into our adventure.
Our life is a Choose Your Own Adventure book, only it's not a book. It's real. We all come to points where we have to make a choice, and deal with the consequence. We all have to choose if we're going to wake up on Sunday morning and go to Church, or if we're going to go to that party, or if we're going to serve a mission. We always have a choice to make. But, unlike in the books, when we make a mistake that doesn't end well, we can't just flip back a couple pages and choose the other choice. We have to deal with the choice we've made, and to try to fix the mistake we made. Our life is full of choices, and each choice takes us to a different section of our life. While we can go back and correct what we've done, we can't just erase what's been done and have it not happen. It's up to us to make the right choices, and get the best results out of it.

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