Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lord works!

Yesterday, we had a lesson with a guy who's been meeting with missionaries for a long time. He's a way cool guy, with a sincere desire to learn. Since he's been meeting with missionaries for so long, there's a lot he's already heard, and it can be kinda hard to think of new things to teach him. Yesterday, we just decided, since he agreed to come to Church, that we would talk about Church. We discussed the basic outline of Church, what happens, and what to expect. Then, we went into a little more detail about the Sacrament, what it is, what everything represents, all that. It got onto to the discussion of using water instead of wine, which sparked his interest. He asked why we did that, then why we didn't drink in general. I was a little surprised, because I had just assumed that he'd been taught the Word of Wisdom, as it's one of the first things usually taught to people. So, we went over Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants, all about what the Word of Wisdom is, and why we live it. It was a way good lesson, and the Spirit could definitely be felt there. It was great. He understood everything, and seemed to agree with it, even making the comment of wondering why people would do that to themselves (in regards to drinking).
While I am grateful for an amazing lesson, I'm also grateful for the way the Lord works. He thought that this guy could use a brief course on Church, but saw that he really needed to hear the Word of Wisdom, and found a way to do both in one lesson. We may not always understand the way the Lord works, but it's important to know that he does work, and much more effectively and efficiently than we do. Always put your trust in the Lord, in his plan, and in his approach, because believe me, His ways are WAY above our ways!

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