Friday, January 28, 2011

Who is God?

Almost everyone has the idea of a supreme being, some higher power that governs our world. Some people think of it as an energy, some kind of cosmic force that keeps everything in line and that acts on Karma. Some view a collaboration of beings, each responsible for their specific role or purpose. Some think of it as a Spirit, unspecific of form or being, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. This has been a long discussed idea, debated by qualified scholars, learned clergymen, philosophers, and people with no more qualifications than curiosity and scriptures. Thankfully, we now have a way of knowing for sure what and who God truly is. We have modern-day revelation, and we have prophets, just like they did in biblical times. Thanks to these two things, we know that God is a man, with a body of flesh and bone just as we have. He is our literal Father, and as such loves us like a father. He knows us all, better than anyone else, and knows what is best for us and what we need most. We can always rely on Him, and always go to Him with any troubles or concerns we may have. We can always pray to Him. He wants us to, and if we do, He'll listen, and He'll answer. He'll send his comforter, the Holy Ghost, to help us when times are hard. Everything he does has a purpose, and we can always have confidence that, through obedience to his commandments and faith on Him and His Son, we can make it through and hard times, and come out much better off than we were before. God is not some intangible being, floating out in the cosmos, seeking our praise and adoration, dishing out vengeance on the wicked, and keeping us all in check. God is our Loving Heavenly Father, fully invested in the actions of His children, wanting the best for them, wanting them to succeed, and helping them become the best they can.
However, not all people accept modern-day revelation and prophets, and as such are still in the dark about God's identity. They believe different things, and have no firm foundation for their thoughts on who He is. As such, we often find people just filling the part with what they would most like to see, and in essence, create their own God and assign themselves to that role. From this, they are able to justify their actions with thoughts like "I don't think God minds if I do this." Who are we to assume we know what God approves of or disapproves of? It's hard to confess to believe in God and Jesus Christ and not accept the Bible. Through the Bible, we can see, at least in some amount, what God approves of and disapproves of. Through the scriptures, we can form a very good foundation of God's desire for us. Often, those of the mindset "I don't think God minds" are off the mark. Their ideas are not scripturally grounded, and as thus they have no basis for their ideas. This is a trick of the Devil. Satan has done everything he can to try to keep us from our Heavenly Father, and one of his greatest tools is robbing God of his identity. He does this by obscuring what we know, and making God seem mysterious, unknown, and unknowable. Through this, we are unable to form the strong, familial relationship with our Heavenly Father, and to truly relate with him how we should. Also, if we don't truly know God and what He wants of us, then we can justify our sins and iniquities, and are more likely to follow the enticing of Satan because "I don't think God minds if I do this." Odds are, if you have to justify it, it's wrong.
I am so grateful for modern-day revelation and prophets, who have, once again, revealed the true nature and identity of our Heavenly Father, that I may know his role in my life, and in the lives of all His children. I am grateful that I can always turn to Him in prayer, and through the scriptures, and be comforted when I need it, and have my questions answered. I know that God lives, as much more than some cosmic entity, and I know that He loves us all, as we are His children. 

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