Saturday, April 23, 2011

Go, Go Power Rangers!

So, back in the day, I was obsessed with a certain TV show. I had to watch it every day! I had toys, shirts, and would pretend to be the people on the show and fight the bad guys. I'm sure everyone may age (ish) remembers this show, and watched it (and if you say you didn't, chances are you're lying!) That show was the Power Rangers. Specifically, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Coolest show ever! It was always the same: the Rangers would be doing cool teenage stuff, then they'd have to go fight some monster that Rita Repulsa, then later Lord Zedd, then a combination of the two would throw at them. When they thought they'd beaten the monster, Rita/Lord Zedd would just make it GIANT, so the Rangers would have to get their Zords, then pull together to make the Megazord (I don't even know if they ever just had their individual Zords fight...), then they would beat the now giant monster with very jerky movements, while really inspirational music would play ("Go, go Power Rangers!"), the monster would fall over and (for some reason) explode! And the day would be saved once more. It was also always funny how the kids would wear clothes that were the same color as their Ranger color, Jason always in red, Kimberly always in pink, Billy in blue, Trini in Yellow, and Zach in black, then later Tommy in green... then white.
But of course, this wasn't all done on their own. I mean, they were all just teenagers in high school with seemingly nothing special about them (except they all just happened to be martial arts experts). They needed some kind of driving force. Someone had to choose them, then tell them what to do, then warn them when Rita was on the loose again. Cue the giant floating head. Zordon is a rather mysterious character, with quite the back story (I won't get into it... Just know that he used to be a wizard, and got trapped in a time warp). For several reasons, he's seen only as a giant, white floating head in a tube. He's kept in what's called the Command Center, which is pretty much the headquarters for the Rangers. He calls the shots, while his faithful robot sidekick, Alpha 5, does the upkeep. Somehow, he's always in the know as to just what Rita/Zedd are up to, and right before they make their attack, Zordon calls the Power Rangers to the Command Center where he prepares them for the task at hand. We of course learn in the movie that Zordon, outside his power tube thing, is a withered, white old man, bald and wearing an interesting grey outfit... he kinda looks like Darth Vader, at the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke takes his helmet off. Zordon is how the Rangers are able to keep Rita Repulsa from taking over the world! (Why she always just attacks California, specifically Angel Grove, instead of branching out and attacking where the Power Rangers aren't, I don't know).
Ok, this may be kind of a stretch, but bear with me. Think of the Power Rangers as prophets. They protect us from the evils of the world. They tell us what we need to know and do in order to properly follow our Heavenly Father. They warn us of evil, and help us to stay on the right path. But, they can only do so much without someone behind the scenes, warning them of evils and teaching them what to know and do. They need someone to help them out. They need a Zordon. Heavenly Father fills that role, of telling the prophets how to help and protect us. He tells them, they tell us. Zordon tells the Rangers, they save us. We all need the prophets' advice to help us live the best way we can (whether modern day prophets, or those found in the scriptures), and the prophets need the Lord to tell them what to tell us. Thank God we have prophets to help us in our life!

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