Thursday, April 14, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Each and everyday, we learn more and more. If we don't, it was kind of a waste of a day. Think about your main hobby or skill. Odds are, you're probably pretty good at it. And why is that? Because you practice. Now, think back to the first day you ever tried that: the first time you picked up your instrument, or sat down with some crayons and a piece of paper, or the first time you tried kicking a ball. You probably weren't very good, were you? I remember the first time I picked up a bass. I didn't know how to tune it, how to hold it, what the strings were, or anything... Flash forward about 10 years, I'm pretty good. The first time we come into contact with something that requires talent or any effort whatsoever, we're not going to instantly be champions. I'm sure Shaun White wasn't throwing down 1260 McTwists his first day, just like Clapton was shredding when he first grabbed a guitar, or Clint Dempsey rocking the field when he first started soccer. The point is, we all need to go through a learning process before we can reach our desired level.
The same can be said about the Gospel: You're not going to get everything all at once. You can't just assume to pick up the Book of Mormon, read it all, go to Church, and in a week be a scriptorian and know all the ins and outs of the Church, its history, and doctrines. That's just not going to happen. Understanding, comprehension, and testimony come over time, but they come as you exert effort. As you do the things you need to do, these things will come. It's good to read the Book of Mormon and go to Church, just realize that it's not going to be an instantaneous thing. All things come with time, and, as we've all heard, practice makes perfect. And no one is at the epitome, probably not even the Prophet. He still needs guidance from the Lord to help him, so why should we think that we're anywhere near the top? Everyone needs to keep growing and learning, and need to work hard to do so. As we exercise our spiritual muscles, they grow and become stronger. So let's keep pushing along, practicing our religion, and growing in strength, knowledge, and testimony! Practice, practice, practice!

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  1. It's by continually doing the small and simple things on a consistent basis that will enable us to master things in our lives. When we get done with the mission, we need to start a christian rock steady band! Good post!