Monday, July 4, 2011

LDS FC: Defenders

With the ball moving rapidly up and down the field, it's everyone's job to make sure it stays on the right side of the field. However, if by some chance you let the ball slip past and it's making its way towards your goal, don't worry... you've got defneders! These guys are tough! They've gotta be quick and agile, they've gotta be strong, and they've gotta have stamina like none other! These guys are the main thing keeping a striker from taking a shot, and it's a lot harder for them to score when they can't even get a shot off. Simple logic, there. Yes, these guys will often be up towards the front when their team has the ball, lending support to their team, helping out where they can, but they'll still be back a little bit, and ready to book it back the other way if there's a loss of possession. And of course, within the defense there are different roles. Like with midfielders, some are more offensive and some are more defensive, you'll see the same with defense. Some will be up a little farther, some will stay back. There's always gonna be one who stays back, known as the sweeper (the position my brother played). There main purpose, their focus, is to make sure the goalie doesn't have to do a darn thing! They want that ball out of there, and back on the other side of the field! Some great names in defense are players like Puyol, Pique, John Terry, and Carlos Bocanegra. They're central in making sure that the team wins.
We often hear about our first line of defense being the Prophet. The Prophet and Apostles are special men, set apart to be special witnesses of Christ. The Prophet receives revelation pertinent for the world, and the Apostles have oversight for the Church. Thanks to them, we can know how best to defend ourselves against Satan and his attack. We can look to these men, by reading the Engisn or watching Conference, and Apostles and Prophets from the days of old, through Scriptures, to find out what Satan wants to do, and how we can stand up to him. It's an amazing gift they have, and they share it with all of us. They want us to be protected, as does our Heavenly Father. That's why He calls Prophets, to make sure we're not left in the dark. When we lose the ball, and it's heading back the other way, we have out defenders who can stop the other team, and get the ball back where it needs to be. Thank God we have Prophets and Apostles, true inspired men of God, who lead and guide us in our day to day lives. We have a brickwall defense, so long as we heed their council and listen to what they say. They're not just giving us good advice, they're giving us words of wisdom, straight from our Heavenly Father. They are the BEST defense we could hope for!