Friday, July 1, 2011

LDS FC: Midfielders

Midfielders are athletes to be admired. They're offense, they're defense, they're everything! They run more than most humans do, and will usually run about 8 miles a game. They have to have speed, agility, ball-handling skills, stamina, energy, and good reasoning skills. They need to know when they need to focus on defense, and when they should be offensive. They're often called upon to set up the play, or to make sure the ball stays in their range. They often have opportunities for glory, given the chance to take a free kick, or drive towards the goal, or even get a good shot. They'll get goals, too, but they need to know when they need to play the second fiddle and give it up for the strikers. Though they may not be the main attraction of a team, midfielders are invaluable in their contribution to the team. Even though the middies aren't up there scoring goals all the time, I guarantee you know at least a few: Landon Donovan, Frank Lampard, Xabi Alonso, Florent Malouda, Michael Bradley... Just to name a few. It's also not uncommon for middies to fill the role of Captain because of their versatility and the incredible assets they make to the team.
So, in terms of LDS FC, who are the midfielders? Why, the members, of course! Sure, the strikers are more likely to score a goal, but if you look at stats, what position do you think almost always has the assist? The middies! And where's a goal without an assist? Usually not there. The members of this Church are missionaries, as well, just without being set apart and without the name tag. They share the gospel with their friends, and help them come into the fold. Without the work of the members, missionary work just isn't as effective. Just like the midfielders, members play all roles: They play the part of friend and missionary. We can befriend the people, no doubt, but first and foremost, we are the missionaries. We're just to teach. When a member shares the gospel with a friend, and invites them to come and take the missionary discussions, that person automatically has a friend to help them. A familiar face, someone to sit by in church, and to ask questions of between discussions. Sure, it's the missionaries who teach them and set them up for baptism, but the role of the members are invaluable. The comfort and added testimony a member can provide makes such an impact on the situation. It is almost impossible for an investigator, in that situation, not to feel the Spirit, and be converted! Members are the middlemen of missionary work, making it possible for us missionaries (the strikers) to help people receive the restored gospel. 


  1. Sweet blog Elder Holbrook! Definitely without midfielders, they would be no GOALS!!

  2. Members are where it's at! Without the them, the team would be incomplete. Go Members!!!