Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's very possible that at some point or other, you've seen a temple (for most people reading this, you've probably been to a temple). They're beautiful buildings, expertly designed and built, usually with spires, and white. They are wonders to behold. Some of the more extravagant looking are Salt Lake City, San Diego, CA, Washington, D.C., and Portland, OR. All are amazing buildings.
The question is often brought up, why do we have temples? And what goes on inside them? We have temples because the Prophet, Joseph Smith, was instructed that temples were once again needed on the earth to make possible certain ordinances the Lord saw fit to do. The first temple built was in Kirtland, Ohio. Now, there are 134 temples, with 10 being built, and 13 more recently announced. The temple is a very sacred place, and as such, not just anyone can get in. In order to enter a temple, you must be a worthy member of the church. You have to have an interview with your Bishop and Stake President to get a temple recommend. Inside the temple, we do several different ordinances. What exactly goes on is not openly discussed, not because it's secret, but because it's sacred. Things that go on in the temple shouldn't just be flouted about because they represent a very important aspect of our beliefs, and as such are not something commonly discussed.
The Temple is a great place for members of the church to go and reflect. The Spirit can be felt so strongly there, and prayers can be answered with such force and clarity, many people go there to reflect and get guidance for important things.
The temple is a symbol of our church. We are recognized for them, and they are one of the many unique things about our faith. If you have anymore questions about Temples, feel free to ask me, or any other missionary of Facebook, or visit mormon.org or lds.org.
The Temple is the greatest place in the world because it's the farthest from it.

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