Friday, March 18, 2011


Firefighters are awesome. Who else would willingly run into burning buildings, sometimes multiple times, to pull out other people, get their partners back, or just put out the fire? Obviously they're paid to do this, but you don't go through a couple years of training voluntarily if something like that wasn't something you wanted to do. They're heroes. My brother is a firefighter. He works for the Columbus, Georgia Fire Department. He's also a paramedic, so he not only pulls people out of those burning buildings, but he gives them medical aid, too. He's someone I definitely look up to and admire a lot. I have always had respect for firefighters, but now that I know everything they go through in their daily work, that respect has multiplied exponentially. They give of their time, energy, and even well being and personal safety to do what they have chosen to do. They give 110% to help people, and put their lives on the line everyday, with no regrets, and seemingly no fear. There have been plenty of inspiring stories centered around firefighters. One I remember hearing is about a firefighter who ran into a burning building three times to save the kids inside. He started in a fourth time when someone told him that that was all the kids. He yelled back, saying he saw one more. While he was in there, the roof collapsed. When they finally put the fire out, they went in and found their now killed companion, huddled over a doll. He had thought it was a child, and sacrificed his life in an attempt to save another. My brother has a couple pretty cool stories too. While putting out a fire, he discovered in one of the rooms several animals. He got all of them out, unharmed. Another time, while fighting another fire, there was a person inside. While his partner provided cover with the hose, my brother did his best to pull the man out. He had suffered so many extreme third degree burns that my brother could hardly get a good grip on him without his skin sliding off life a glove. He finally was able to get a good handle and pull the man out to safety. My brother has several heroic stories that I love to tell people.
What if we were all like this with what we did? What if we were all like this with the Gospel? The Gospel of Jesus Christ can save people. It will put them on the right path and give them the knowledge they need to have eternal life. We can save people's lives just like firefighters do. This message we have is the most important thing we have, and others need it just as much as we do. They risk life and limb for complete strangers, why shouldn't we do the same? They've made their choice, they've joined their brotherhood, and they know what they do. We've made our choice, we've joined our brotherhood, and we know what we do. Let us be like firefighters, giving our all to help those around us. We face much less risk helping those around us as the firefighters. We're not asked to run into burning buildings, to risk our lives, we're simply asked to share the wonderful message with our friends and neighbors. What we have, they need, so let's share it!

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