Friday, March 11, 2011

Giant Elephant... in the Sky... He's Invisible.

Ever seen the movie "Horton Hears a Who"? It's a good one. Oftentimes, children's books made into movies aren't good, but this one was. I liked it a lot, especially the punk rock Who who just says "YEEEEAAAAAH!" and wants a high five. Good times. It's a fun little movie with a good message: A person's a person, no matter how small. But, if you delve a little deeper, you can take our lots of little messages in it. So, let's do that... First of all, Horton is a giant elephant. Ok, I'm sure you can find little metaphors and stuff for that, but it doesn't go along with what I'm saying, so moving on... He has a flower, and on the flower is a speck, but the speck isn't just a speck, it's an entire life-sustaining world. On it is a civilization known as the Whos (not to be mistaken with the '70s rock band). At first, he only communicates with the mayor of Whoville (the obvious name for their city). Horton, who pretty much holds their safety. If he lets them go, they could all die. Or he protects them, and they survive. Horton, being a good guy... er... elephant, decides to help them. The mayor of Whoville has to convince everyone, now, that there is a giant elephant in the sky that they can't see who's protecting them. This is a rather difficult task. Eventually, Horton makes himself known to the entire population of Whoville.
As the story progresses, Horton runs into opposition from a certain angry kangaroo, and all sorts of crazy stuff happens before the Whos collective shouting of "We're here! We're here! We're here!" makes it all the way from the tiny little speck and everyone can hear it, making them all realize Horton isn't crazy after all!
Alright, you really don't have to dive that deep to notice something here. Someone is literally holding a world in their hands (kind of), and communicates with one person? Hmmm... Obviously, this is much like Heavenly Father, and His communications with his Prophet(s). The Lord chooses some of some of His children to be messengers for Him. They're given the incredibly difficult task of convincing people that He's real and to preach His gospel. Eventually, if the people are willing to hear, and listen, they can know the of His existence. He'll reveal Himself to them. And, when danger comes about, we all need to call on the Lord, and He'll save us.
This isn't the greatest of analogies, but it's fun. God hears our prayers. We may not always hear Him, and it may often seem like we're talking to a giant, invisible elephant in the sky, He does hear us, and He will save us from evil kangaroos.

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