Monday, March 14, 2011

When Life Hands you Lemons...

You make lemonade, right? Well, what if life hands you a grapefruit? If you're anything like me, you don't want a grapefruit, grapefruits are gross. The fun little saying is meant to just mean "make the best of your situation". Sometimes, it's really easy to get so caught up in all our lemons that we just focus more on how hard everything is rather than trying to find the solution. There are tons of sayings we can use: Every cloud has a silver lining, the sun will come out tomorrow, life's tough, get a helmet. But does saying something really help? Can you help someone out just by your words?
Absolutely you can. Think how much comfort we can get from the scriptures. Sure, those are inspired men of God, but why can't you be too? Even if you can't come up with something super profound and meaningful to say, someone else has already, so you can easily share that with them. Knowing your scriptures, especially the ones that have helped you, will allow you the ability to share with others when they're going through a hard time. The Words of God will always help someone, if they open their hearts to it. Anything in the Bible or Book of Mormon could easily lift and encourage someone. So, look over the scriptures that have meant the most to you, memorize them, and be ready to share them with people having a rough time.
Back to my grapefruit analogy: I don't like grapefruits, I don't like grapefruit juice. Making grapefruits into grapefruit juice wouldn't be a solution to my problem, it would just give me a bunch of gross grapefruit juice I don't want to drink. So, basically what I'm trying to allude to is what to do with a really big problem. If there doesn't seem to be an easy solution, what do you do? Sometimes, there is no easy "lemonade" solution. In that situation, still look for the best, and look to the one who made lemons and grapefruits. The Lord is your ultimate source of comfort. He'll send the Comforter, or the Holy Ghost. And always remember how Jesus suffered for our pains, and he knows all the we will go through. If you pray and read your scriptures, the Lord can and will talk to you, and show you how to make even those giant, gross grapefruits into delicious, sweet lemonade. All things are possible through Christ!

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