Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun with Legos

Life comes at you in little pieces. We never get our life as a completed masterpiece, we have to work at it, building it up with the small portions we're given. Sometimes, those pieces come as bigger pieces, like when we go through a tragic time that makes us grow faster than we'd like to, and sometimes they come in little tiny pieces, like with everyday experiences. Everything comes with time, and in pieces that you have to construct, and what you choose to make with the pieces given is up to you. Think of it as a box of Legos. I'm sure, if you were anything like me as a child, you had a HUGE tub full of random Lego pieces that you would have to dig through to find the next one you needed for your creation. You would often be searching in the very corners to find the right one. You took all the big pieces, and made your foundation. Then you took the smaller pieces to build the actual structure, and give it more detail. Often times, looking at others creations, it can seem like they got a lot bigger pieces than you, and were able to make a bigger, cooler thing much quicker. Or maybe they just got to buy a really cool Lego set that makes a really neat thing, and you're just stuck with this hodge podge selection. You look at all these great pieces of Lego-art, and you're jealous that all you have is some multi-colored house that would hardly pass building inspection. But, we are all capable of making amazing things with our Legos. Sometimes they may be spotted with random colors, sometimes you use two or more Legos to fill in one piece, and sometimes the towers on your castle aren't smooth, but it is still something wonderful. What will you make with your Lego pieces? Will you make something you can be proud of, something that showed the hard work and dedication you put into it, something that could be on display at Lego Land? Or is it some shoddy work, some lame, lopsided house that you just threw together quickly, with no good support, and a clear lack of concern for it's appearance?
Heavenly Father has blessed us greatly with this opportunity to come to this world, to make mistakes and learn from them, to grow and progress, and choose the right path. He has given us the skills we need, and provides the pieces. He also gives us the wonderful gift of agency, the ability to choose. We can choose which pieces we use, and which we push aside. We can decide the order in which we use them, the colors we use, and the sizes we use. We can choose what we make, how we make it, and how big we make it. It's up to us, and we need to always be keeping in mind that what we're making is going to make isn't just some little project. It's not just some fun little thing we make, then go Godzilla on and destroy. It is something that will last us into the eternities. If we're not full happy with it now, we've got a long time to be not happy with it. We should strive to make it exactly what we want it to be, so that we can happily take it into the eternities.
But, let us not forget: Legos are fun! I would love to sit there and spend hours just messing around with them. That's something very important that is often overlooked. Life will have hard times, that is unavoidable, but it can and should be fun as well. So, grab your Legos and get to work!

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  1. I have never thought of life as a box of Lego's. I've heard it's like a box of chocolate, but never Lego's. Much better comparison.